A Griha Pravesh ceremony is the first step to entering the new phase of your life as a proud homeowner. You are not just purchasing a new house, you are investing in a lifetime of comfort, happiness, and prosperity. Before making the investment you need to check if the house is Vastu compliant. Whether you invested in 3BHK flats for sale or built an individual home, you need to perform the Griha Pravesh. These tips will help you perform it successfully. 

Choosing the day of the GrahaPravesh:

The Graha Pravesh must always be performed on an auspicious day, in an auspicious time. The house must be ready or at least liveable before conducting the ceremony. All the essential fittings and painting must have been done by the time you hold the housewarming.  Dussehra and Diwali are great for any auspicious events, closely followed by Vasant Panchami, Akshaya Tritiya, and Gudi Padwa. You can also look up auspicious dates online or ask an astrologer to fix the date for you. 

Cleaning the house:

Housewarming is an auspicious ceremony. Like any puja or festival, the house has to be thoroughly cleaned before the day of the event. There would be a lot of dust and debris left over from the construction. But usually in 3BHK flats for sale, the builder does a preliminary cleaning before handing the house over to you. It is imperative that you clean the house with water, preferably saltwater. This will purify the space and its energy.

Decorating the Home:

The entire house can be decorated as per your wishes, or as you might do for festivals in general. If you bring in the furnishings on that day, then make sure they are arranged and organized according to Vastu Shastra. The main door is the highlight of the home in Graha Pravesh. It is called the Simha Dwar and is considered the face of the Vasthu Purush. Not only does it serve as an entryway for the people entering the home, but it also receives positive vibrations and qualities like happiness, prosperity, and harmony. Decorate it with a traditional thoran of Mango leaves and marigold flowers. 

The frame of the doorway is to be painted with Vermillion and turmeric stripes, and the auspicious swastika. A picture or small idol of Ganesha can be placed above the frame. Floral or coloured rangolis are drawn on the floor in the front entrance, front of the puja space, and before the place where you would perform the Homam. 

Must-have items:

This is a ceremony of a lifetime to bless the house and the families that live in them. Pay attention to all the small details. Confer with the priest who will be performing the ceremony to ensure that everything is planned well ahead, and the necessary things are bought beforehand. 

Some of the must-have items for a Griha Pravesh are:

  • An idol of Ganesha and Lakshmi. You can also use pictures in place of the idol. 
  • Copper or Silver Kalash with milk and water
  • Kalash with Gangajal
  • Mango leaves for Thoran and sprinkling the Gangajal
  • Bricks or copper vessel to set up the Homam
  • Flowers for decoration and garlands 
  • Fruits, sweets, Jaggery, and Rice
  • Puja thali, Kumkum, and Turmeric

Tips to perform Griha Pravesh Puja

There is a certain order to be followed when performing the Griha Pravesh. 

  1. Break an ash gourd at the entrance of the threshold of the home. The lady of the home must break a coconut and the pieces must be left at the entrance too. 
  2. Fill a Kalash with water, the navadhanya or nine types of grain, and a coin. Tie Mango leaves around the brim of the Kalash. Place a coconut wrapped with red cloth over this Kalash. 
  3. Take this Kalash and place it near the homam. Light the Lamps in the puja room and in the homam space. These attract positive energy. 
  4. Perform the homam. This is essentially a ceremony to remove the three sins that occurred when constructing the house – Digging the earth, cutting trees and plants, and breaking the stones. The offerings burnt in the homam fire will nullify the sins, and cleanse the house. It is also done to seek the blessings of the Gods. The whole family must participate in the homam as the priests perform it. 
  5. Milk is to be boiled with jaggery and cardamom. This Prasad will be offered to everyone who attended the ceremony and to your new neighbours. 
  6. Spend the night in the new house, as it should not be left vacant. This helps absorb the freshly evoked positive ambiance. 

We hope this article was useful in helping plan your Housewarming. If you are still on the lookout for your dream home, Lifestyle Housings has 4BHK apartments in Chennai, in premium locations. 

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