Christmas is around the car and it is time to glam up your flats in Chennai with these easy and must have Christmas decorating ideas. 

Decorating the entryway:

Nothing is more welcoming than a Christmas themed entryway to let your guests know the holiday spirit is upon you. Get a festive doormat with Christmas quotes, song lyrics, Christmas themed images, etc. The door frame can be festooned with Christmas garlands. It creates a grand and almost magical entrance, especially when combined with fairy lights. Hang up a Christmas wreath on the front door. 

Light up the entryway with a Star and more fairy lights. If you are feeling generous and if the apartment regulations allow it, you can string up the lights and garlands along the corridors and down the bannisters of the staircase railings. A touch of artificial powdered snow on everything would amp up the décor. 

The Christmas Tree:

You can go for a natural tree or an artificial one. Artificial trees are far more sustainable and you can reuse them every year for a long time. A Christmas tree presents plenty of opportunities to experiment. You can go for traditional ornaments and streamers. Alternatively, you can choose ornaments and DIY decorations that are far more personal and cost you less too. Even if your flats in Chennai are small, you can stick pine or fir branches on the wall in the shape of a tree. This saves you floor space, yet still gives the effect of having a Christmas tree. You can still hang ornaments from them but opt for lightweight ones. Decorate the base of the tree with empty boxes gift wrapped to look like gifts. Or you can actually place the gifts you bought your loved ones there.  

The Manger scene:

The manger scene is a diorama of the baby Jesus being visited by the Three wise Men. It is an essential part of Christmas décor in most countries. It can be set up as a centrepiece on your dining table or on a side table if you don’t want it to take up space. You can find the entire diorama as a set, or you can buy individual figurines and set up the scene yourself. If you buy high quality ceramic and metal figurines, you can also pass them down to your children as family heirlooms. Setting up the tree and the manger can become a fun-filled family ritual.

Decorating the rooms:

Christmas garlands and streamers are your best friend when it comes to decorating your rooms. They can be strewn over furniture, wrapped around lights and vases, and even hanging off your walls. You can add some flourish with tinsel that gives off a twinkling festive appearance. 

You can fill empty walls with Christmas themed posters, frames, and banners. Even a simple Merry Christmas banner would bring cheer to the place and set the theme. 

Invest in some sticker hooks and set them up on your walls. You can hang Christmas stockings on them for your family and other guests who might come over to celebrate Christmas with you. 

Decorate your shelves with miniature Christmas figurines like trees, Santa with a sleigh and reindeers, Pictures from Christmas from the previous years etc. 

Couches can be decorated with red and green throws and cushions. Cosy rugs that match the theme would brighten up any room and keep the floors warm to walk on. 

Decorating the balcony and private terraces:

All flats in Chennai come with balconies and some homes have a private terrace attached to them. String fairy lights around the balcony and terrace railings and then over the pergola if there is one on the terrace. If the space is sheltered from the rains, you can keep the Christmas tree and the Manger scene there. Hang a Christmas star so that it is visible from outside as well.

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