Location, amenities, budget, home loan flexibility, commute to work, nearby facilities, etc. are all some of the major factors that determine a property purchase. But little to no thought is given to the quality of life that children need. When you buy luxury flats in Chennai, it is important to factor in how much value your children can get out of living in such a residential community. Here are some of the factors that have an impact on your children. 


Residential communities are almost always monitored by CCTV 24×7. There are guards patrolling the premises at all times and they also man the gates, ensuring young kids don’t wander off the property. The driveways are well planned and there are speed limits that ensure kids playing in the driveway don’t get hit in an accident. The common areas including the terrace, corridors and staircase rooms are well lit and accessible at all times. There are dedicated children’s play areas where parents can keep an eye on their kids as they play and have fun. 

Safety precautions and equipment are visibly placed on the premises that prevents any mishaps from happening. The location of the project is also in premium areas that are safe for women and children. There are always police patrols nearby to diffuse any situation. 

Community living:

The kids are exposed to a large social circle. This aids in building their emotional quotient. There is always someone to play with and adults to take care of them. Parents can work out schedules to baby sit and engage in a healthy social life. This kind of environment builds moral and personal values that were earlier taught within joint families. Everyone in the community takes an active part in engaging the kids during their free time. This is especially great for people with single kids as the children need company to keep them stimulated and engaged all the time. They can join classes like art, dancing, and other activities together. 


Luxury flats in Chennai are located close to prestigious educational institutions. Your children can attend school and even their college education within walking distance or at a short drive from home. This saves them so much time which they can productively use in other extra-curricular activities. 

The projects are also in proximity to hospitals and other entertainment zones. You need not worry about the health of your children as emergencies can be immediately attended to. Weekends can be spent in leisurely shopping or educational tours for the kids, all of which Chennai has a lot to offer. 


Luxury flats in Chennai come with premium amenities that your children can make full use of. There are swimming pools, gyms, indoor and outdoor game spaces, and so much more. You need not even step out of the premises to train your children in sports. Events that are exclusively for the children can be held in the community hall. You get all these advantages practically for free or at a fraction of the cost, you would spend outside. The children get a full and well-rounded life that ensures unfettered personal growth. 

Communal celebrations:

In this age of the nuclear family, the children seldom get to celebrate festivals with extended family. But this is covered by the beautifully organised community celebrations as all the families come together to celebrate all the festivals. This gives them exposure to a variety of cultures, and makes them sensitive to cultural differences. Living in an apartment gives them a balanced life that may not be possible in an individual home. 

Lifestyle Housing is a reputed developer of luxury apartments in Chennai. Our projects are designed to be custom-centric and kid-friendly to ensure maximum value for the money invested. Our 3 BHK flats for sale in Chennai are perfect for families with children as they get a separate space for themselves. 

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