When the real estate industry began to pick itself up after the initial pandemic, all associated industries also started getting back on their feet. The fenestration industry is one such vital component of real estate. Windows and Door have moved past being just a functional accessory to being a key interior décor statement. If you are buying luxury apartments in Chennai, then this guide is a peek into the latest trends in doors and windows to amp up the aesthetic of your home. 

While earlier the classic wooden doors were seen as the most elegant option, stylish UPVC and aluminium options are offering them stiff competition. They compete both in terms of appearance as well as performance as much R&D has gone into this. Right now, UPVC seems to be the cost-effective option, and it also has better performance in comparison to Aluminium windows. Aluminium windows are also 3 times as expensive as UPVC. 

UPVC Windows and Doors:

UPVC fittings come in a wide range of profiles like traditional, contemporary, and classic. They can be custom made to any size and come in various opening options like sliding, villa, casement, full open, Half-open, vents, etc. The UPVC material has been particularly developed to withstand the harsh environmental exposure that windows are subjected to on the outside. The windows keep dust, mites, insects, and other contaminants from entering the home while letting in plenty of light. The recessed fitting of the UPVC windows leaves the room spacious. It is available in different colours with varying options in the glass as well. 

The windows are versatile and go well with any residential or professional décor theme. The casement windows in particular are very European in style. It is practically maintenance-free and is good value for money. Its enhanced performance and cost factor are the talk of the town. Most developers of luxury apartments in Chennai offer basic window models that come with the apartment. You can go with that or choose your own designs. 

Aluminium windows and doors:

Aluminium windows and doors have been in use for quite a long time and were the predecessor to the UPVC fenestration. Aluminium profiles were majorly used in the exterior of commercial buildings, as they were relatively maintenance free when compared to wooden windows. It was not a popular option in residences as earlier they were available only in one colour and style. However recent research has made great strides in these windows. You can now customise the colour and style of Aluminium windows and doors, to make them fit any décor theme. 

Sustainability and cost are the factors that have driven the growth of the UPVC and Aluminium fittings, as they are recyclable. They are also built to be more resilient to the ever-changing environmental ambience of urban areas. This has spurred them to be an essential part of smart city infrastructure. 

The future of these fenestrations looks good as they are expected to grow by 8-10% by 2025. Rising consumer demands and the development of new construction tech will ensure this growth is sustained. It will also play a huge part in creating affordable housing. Just the Indian market alone will yield 180 Million USD by 2025. This proves its popularity. When your luxury apartment in Chennai is getting ready, make sure you check out the beautiful and versatile options that UPVC and Aluminium have to offer. 

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