A bamboo forest in the days of yore, Perambur is now one of the fastest-growing areas in North Chennai. Easily interconnected to all the major areas of Chennai, the area is renowned as one of the oldest suburban neighbourhoods of the city and a key trading centre (even from the time of British rule).

Home to the Integral Coach plant of the Indian Railways and a massive stadium, Perambur features an impressive array of commercial, healthcare, educational, residential – including several apartments in Chennai, and recreational facilities that make everyday living convenient and hassle-free

Comprising a diverse demographic, Perambur boasts of a major Anglo-Indian population and a great infrastructure that supports a vibrant lifestyle. Positioned approx. 4 kms from core Chennai, the area offers easy accessibility to the railway lines in the city. Flanked by adjacent locations such as Kodungaiyur West at 3.3 km and Kodungaiyur East at 3.9 kms, Perambur even offers good connectivity with areas such as Jawahar Nagar, TVK Nagar, Madhavaram and Ayanavaram.

Access to neighbouring areas such as the Madhavaram High Road, Paper Mills Road, Siruvallur Road and Perambur Main Road is a notable feature of the area as the most popular roadways go through Perambur and boost its accessibility two notches higher.

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As one of the earliest and possibly the most organised neighbourhoods, Perambur provides a wide variety of public facilities and is very well aligned to other areas in Chennai.

Among the many advantages, the locality has a three-level overpass with the first and third levels having roadways and the second floor including a train service. This three-level overpass has worked to alleviate overcrowding in the region and even reduce road congestion to a very large extent.

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Residents living in the 4bhk apartments for sale in Chennai have found that Perambur boasts strong connectivity mostly attributed to the railroads that are operated by the three train stations, namely Perambur, Perambur Carriage Works and Perambur Loco Works.

However, the geography of the area is such that it forms a very important connection between the Northern mofussils of Chennai and the majority of Greater Chennai. Besides this, the Chennai International Airport is roughly 22 kms away, and accessible by road through the National Highway 45.

Commercial clusters close to Perambur

Known as a booming commercial hotspot with unending employment opportunities, Perambur offers working professionals the ideal opportunity to maintain a perfect work-life balance. Notably, among the plethora of commercial hubs nearby, the Tamil Nadu Industrial Corporation is situated
quite near to the area and is just roughly 5 kilometres down the road.

Furthermore, Quanta Engineers and ETL Infrastructure – Chennai One are at a distance of just about 7 kilometres from the vicinity while the Navin WSS Towers and the Khadar Nawaz Khan Road are conveniently positioned 8-9 kilometres away from the region.

Utilities and the ease of convenience

Perambur boasts of an infrastructure that is replete with all essential services such as shopping centres, grocery stores, educational institutions, ATM’s, healthcare facilities and bank branches. Additionally, the Madhavaram High Road is regarded as a bustling retail and shopping in Perambur and is renowned for its numerous drug stores and jewellery outlets.

Inhabitants residing in apartments in Chennai will surely appreciate the dearth of bazaars and marketplaces that the area is profusely dotted with.

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The Perambur stadium is a multifunctional cricket and training ground that accommodates a range of sporting activities, competitive athletic meets and practise programs.
With a capacity of accommodating more than 35,000 spectators, the sports complex offers a massive seating arrangement from where spectators can enjoy the action on the ground. Dubbed as one of the best locations for sports enthusiasts, the stadium offers excitement, energy and a chance to game on!

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Perambur has a diverse array of leisure facilities, such as theatres and gardens aside from which the first mall in North Chennai – the Spectrum Mall – is located here.

Besides, Perambur is host to Chennai’s first Disco Water Park called Murasoli Maran Membal Poonga, which is usually packed with people on holidays. What’s more, Perambur also has a five-screen movie theatre – the S2 Cinemas – for the entertainment of moviegoers. What’s more, the Venus Park, Perambur Flyover Park and the Mahatma Gandhi Park are some of the green lungs that add to the foliage of the area.

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